Carbon Management Group [CMG] integrates world-class strategic, scientific, and financial resources to provide renewable energy and carbon management solutions to leading global companies and institutions. Our focus is on delivering robust carbon management advice and solutions grounded in innovative science and technology, to help our clients development and structure renewable energy and low carbon technology projects in the most effective and scalable manner.


The founders of Carbon Management Group believe that long-term corporate strategic decisions on climate change must be based on sound science and technology. In a carbon constrained future, companies will face a range of options to meet their emissions targets. Not all options, however, will contribute equally to the stabilization of the current global emissions trajectory. The ability to differentiate between options and their relative merits requires the input of strong climate science and energy technology expertise.

CMG brings robust science- and technology-based analysis to our clients, enabling them to demonstrate to their shareholders and broader stakeholders that they are making meaningful, long-term, and value-driven management decisions regarding their carbon positions. Ultimately, it is essential that companies are able to demonstrate that their efforts to limit emissions of greenhouse gases are having a material impact on the problem of human-induced climate change, while simultaneously supporting corporate objectives.


Climate change regulation is increasingly using financial mechanisms and markets to achieve policy goals. As a result, market solutions, technology commercialization, and corporate strategy have become critically intertwined.

CMG provides corporate strategic advice and solutions at the nexus of market interactions between carbon finance, climate-change strategy, and science & technology. We work with our clients to facilitate greater use of environmental markets and deeper understanding of carbon-related risks and opportunities, and ultimately to develop and structure the implementation of renewable energy and low-carbon technology projects at scale.


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